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Y2k presents Beach party4!

This will b the 3rd yr running and for the last 2 yrs we've celebrated a creature named Chan Myea's birthday on both times, but unfortunately he's no longer with us anymore so we'll celebrate this a wk earlier than usual. People who've been before know what to expect and its the closest thing to the sanin beach party that you'll get around the area. like all previous yrs we've hired generators and other equipment to power our concert speakers. So i'll collect a few hundred yen or so to cover the cost of all rentals.

This beach is just about 10km outside of Yonago toward Sakai, which means there's no houses around and we can be as loud as we want for as long as we want. Last year, that meant 6am and still going strong, with Emerson on the decks. Emerson unfortunately wont hav his gears this yr so we'll get rentals and hopefully he'll still b around to help with djing. (thanx for the last 3yrs thou Em)
It also gives a great window for one last get-together in Yonago before a few of us head to our respective homes for the summer (with some of the JETs going forever). it's the weekend so let's get blotto.

What to bring:
1. Yourselves - This is the most important thing, because otherwise no-one will be there. And if you bring nothing else, you can at least still party.

2. Food - Throwing shapes (dancing) for hours can leave people famished, so we will have a BBQ running (and also hopefully some kinda campfire or two at night) - But there are supermarkets on the way down and Plant 5 around the corner - so just pick up some meat and throw it on the grill

3. Drink - Self explanatory. Add to taste.

4. Tents - Sleeping gear, as you please. If you don't have one, I'm sure a few people have spare spaces.

5. Friends - They're invited too.

6. Swimwear - Because it's on a beach, duh...

7. Susan has informed me that we need to hire a generator that runs on petrol (gas to you americans) to power the speakers and (maybe) a dj kits if we cant borrow one. price will be 500yen each.

DateJuly 23rd Saturday at 3:00pm - July 24th Sunday at 3:00pm,
Further infohttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=223021067710695

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