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The Hitchhiker's Guide: Hitchhiking around Mt. Daisen

hitchhiking in Sanin
The best way to get around Mt. Daisen is definitely by a car. We recommend that you rent a car at the nearest car rental agents from the airport and station. If you are unable to rent a car for some reason, you can use public transportation, but there is also a possibility of hitchhiking. Please note that there is very little tradition of hitchhiking in Japan. The reason we mention about the possibility of hitchhiking here, though, is that hitchhiking is obviously one of the useful ways to get around rural areas of Mt. Daisen, where the frequency of trains and buses is quite low. Daiseners are very friendly. If you know how to be picked up, you will enjoy a wonderful meeting!

Rent a car at Yonago Airport/Yonago Station

There are several rent-a-car agents operating at Yonago Airport and Yonago Station.
*At Yonago Airport, the car rental desk is located for your convenience in the arrivals hall.
*At Yonago Station, there are several car rental agents located near Yonago Station.
Nippon Rent-A-Car   http://www.nipponrentacar.co.jp/
TOYOTA Rent-A-Car   http://rent.toyota.co.jp/en/index.html
Mazda Car Rental Corporation   http://www.mazda-rentacar.co.jp/
Nissan Rent-A-Car   http://nissan-rentacar.com/
CAL Rent-A-Car   http://cal-rent.net/
ORIX Auto Corporation   http://car.orix.co.jp/

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Useful links when you drive in Japan

Followed are sites where you can find helpful information on driving in Japan.

How to hike

1. Do not hitchhike on a busy street. Choose a low-volume road where a car can stop for a while.

2. Wave, make a thumbs-up, put your hand up or any other body language so that the driver can see you with a sign telling the driver where you want to go (preferably in Japanese).

3. When a car stops, tell the driver where you want to go.
"Sumimasen, ....... made nosete moraemasuka?" ( Excuse me, could you take me to ........? )
"Arigatou Gozaimasu" ( Thank you. )
"Wakari mashita" (I understand.)
Please check "Road Map with essential phrases and conversations" for more basic Japanese communication.


*Please consider about your return journey before getting dropped off at your destination. Please be reminded that you are in the mountain.
*Even though Japan is a safe country, please hitchhike at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any trouble and accident that could occur from hitchhiking.

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