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Mt. Daisen Guided Climbing Expedition¦Group Tours (for 10 or more)

Mt. Daisen lies 1,709 meters asl, making it the highest mountain peak in the entire Chugoku region. It is certainly one of the most popular and scenic climbs in Western Japan. Tours are led by a knowledgeable mountain guide who will show you the way and tell you about the fascinating history and nature of Mt. Daisen as you journey to the summit of the mountain.

Hiking the Beech Forest

Mt. Daisen has one of the largest beech forests in the western Japan. During the hike you will tour the beech forests, power spots and sacred places. The paths are safe and walkable for children. Please inquire for details.

A Spiritual Walk through the Enchanting Forests of Holy Mountain Daisen

This is a scenery-packed tour that encompasses the nature, rich history, and natural beauty of Mt. Daisen. The tour showcases breathtaking views and vistas of the natural surroundings. With our local expert guide, your tour continues on to the tranquil forests of Mt. Daisen National Park where you'll witness the majesty of native tree species such as giant Japanese Cedar and Beech (Buna).

Full Day Shimane Peninsula Sea Kayaking Adventure

Paddle the gentle and emerald green waters of the Sea of Japan on this fully guided 6.5-hour kayaking tour of the Shimane Peninsula. This tour gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore the sea caves by kayak and the beautiful shoreline along the Sea of Japan. Lunch is enjoyed on a rock floating in the sea. This guided kayaking tour is operated by the KRCA (Kaike Recreational Canoe Association). You will be provided with a professional KRCA guide, arranging all the details of your trip and offering introductory paddling instruction for all levels of experience.

Kaike Coastal Kayaking

This 2-hour tour is held at Kaike Coast or the mouth of Hino River. You will learn the basics of kayaking at the first half such as puddling. In the second half, you will try a short kayak ride. The tour is recommended for the beginner and family. The sea of Kaike is gentle and safe surrounded by tetrapods. We also accept group tour of approximately 20 people.

Downhill Biking A(For Beginners)

Starting from Daisen Ski Center, located 850 meters above sea level, to Morinokuni of altitude 300 meters. Recommended for the beginners and first-time travelers to Mt. Daisen. Experienced guide will take you to popular tourist spots such as Daisen Home of Milk and beautiful country winding road..

Downhill Biking B (Long Course Starting from Mt. Daisen to the sea of Japan)

A long course starting from Katori Observation Deck of Mt. Daisen, located 800 meters above sea level, to the sea of Japan. Enjoy ever-changing kaleidoscope of@beautiful landscape from beech forests to blue ocean. Experienced guide will take you to hidden gems like Japanese-style farm, yoghurt factory and local handcraft school (former abandoned elementary school) . Enjoy interactions with local residents.

Donwhill Biking C (Adventure)

Rough downhill tour with mountain bike. Recommended for the experienced and for those who are into wildness. The course will pass through forest off road first, and later go to comfortable Japanese country road.

Old Downtown Tour

Experience and discover the essence and culture of Yonago. This tour goes to old downtown of Yonago, where the traditional residences and old merchant houses still remain standing in their splendor. Feel the old Japanese atmosphere and discover another charm of Japan.

Experience Japan with Bike Sightseeing Tour:Tour de Yonago Guided Bicycle Tour

We are proud to offer an easy paced bike tour through some of the most exciting parts of Yonago in the company of a friendly local guide. Our route follows lovely traffic-free paths, hidden back streets, and quiet country roads, leading through picturesque scenery. During this 3-hour leisurely bike ride, youfll enjoy pedaling your way, along the great Hino River and past charming pine tree-lined areas overlooking the beautiful scenery of our gorgeous coastline. On the tour you will come across some hidden gems, including renowned parks, stunning Kaike beach, centuries-old temples, and the historic old town area. Cycling in the historically fascinating city of Yonago is a memorable way to discover the heart and soul of Japan. Just enjoy and soak up the atmosphere of the countryside with us in a fun and relaxed manner.

Experience Kaike Onsen Hot Spring with Bike Sightseeing Tour

This bicycle tour introduces the neighborhood of Kaike Onsen Hot Spring for 1 hour in the company of a friendly local guide. Kaike Onsen is a seaside abundant salt water hot spring area located in Yonago City. The high salt and calcium content of Kaike's hot springs causes the water to retain heat well. Our route follows traffic-free seaside and riverside streets, local shrine, small shop and food bath. The tour will offer good exercise and the knowledge of the hot spring.


Snowshoeing gains popularity as winter exercise in Mt. Daisen. It gives you an opportunity to go into winter wilderness and experience the cool stillness of the beech forest. There are footprints of many animals such as hare, marten and fox on the snow. Snowshoeing is definitely a fun activity for all ages. Several snowshoe tours are held in Mt. Daisen from educational program to rather challenging one. Please experience a true winter wonderland! For details, please feel free to inquire.

Back-country Ski Tour

This tour includes skiing in the backcountry outside of a ski resort's boundaries. The tour requires hiking up slopes with ski equipment on your back for approximately 2 hours, which is challenging but surely gives you a great sense of accomplishment. After the hike up, enjoy tree skiing, open snow field without barriers and the powder snow!

Mt. Daisen Area

Mt. Daisen


At 1709 meters, The National Park is The Highest Mountain in Chugoku Region

Daisen Masumizu Plateau Ski Resort


You can not only ski but also enjoy the view of Yonago town and the sea of Japan.

Daisen Golf Club


A Prestigious Golf Course

Daisen Pottery Kugogama


Kugogama is a pottery studio specializing Daisen pottery.

Handmade Dyeing Atelier Kawahara


Atelier Kawahara offers Japanese dyeing programs, using plants and chemicals.

Yonago-Sakaiminato Area

Kaike Hot Spring and Swimming Beach


Kaike Onsen is the largest hot spring resort in Sanin region

Banana Boat


Sohou Furusato Kan


Tottori Sand Dunes Geopark Area

Tottori Sand Dunes


Japan's only large dune system, created by sand and winds over the last 100,000 years

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