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Kumezakura Sake Brewery


The local Japanese sake Yago, the power of terroir, water, air and people


Kumezakura Brewery is located at right next to Bier Hof Gambarius. You will be able to purchase the rice-based traditional alcoholic beverage sake produced by Kumezakura Brewery at Gambarius.

The quality of sake is strongly influenced by the quality of water. It is said that where there is good sake. there is clean water. Near the Kumezakura brewery, you will find one of the best spring water in Japan, Jizodaki no Izumi, and other river-bed water coming from the beech forest of Mt. Daisen. The rice used for sake is a brand rice Yago (”ͺ‹½) from the paddy field Oohara Sencho close to the brewery.

Tourists are usually NOT ALLOWED to visit the factory, but if you join Yago Sakezukuri No Kai (the party of sake brewery), you will be regularly invited to the factory. The party is organized to offer sake-lovers to experience from making rice to actually producing and tasting sake. If you can occasionally visit the brewery, it is worth joining the party. Please contact the brewery if you are interested.

Address1740-50, Maruyama, Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
Phone0859-68-6555 (Only Japanese speakers are available.)
StationJR Yonago Station
Access30min drive from JR Yonago Station, 60min bus ride for Gambarius or Daisen Garden Place by Daisen Loop Bus from JR Yonago Station

‚ζ‚θ‘ε‚«‚Θ’n}‚Ε Mt. Daisen Area ‚π•\Ž¦

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