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Ogamiyama Shrine


The longest stone-flagged approach in Japan is the best place for a stroll.

Daisenji (Daisen Temple)
Ogamiyama Jinja(shrine)
Ogamiyama Jinja(shrine)
Ogamiyama Jinja(shrine)
Mt. Daisen Natsuyama Summer Festival
The approach to the shrine
The approach to the shrine

Ogamiyama shrine boasts three "the best in Japan" features.
1. The longest stone-flagged approach to the shrine (700 meters).
2. The shrine is the largest gongen-zukuri in Japan, and designated as important cultural properties.
3. The lacquered sandalwood is the largest in Japan. There is also the biggest mikoshi (portable shrine) in western Japan.

Mt. Daisen was a training area for shugendo. The monks needed a place to pray. Izumo fudoki (ancient records of the culture and geography of provinces of Japan) and Engishiki (a 927 AD Japanese book of laws and regulations) says that it was the beginning of Ogamiyama shrine, but details are unknown. Ogamiyama shrine and Daisenji had flourished, and more than 100 temples and 3,000 armed priests used to be under the control of the temple and shrine at the height of its prosperity.

It is a wonderful place for a stroll.

Address1 Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
StationJR Yonago Station
Access15min from Yonago Interchange Exit of Yonago Expressway (you will have to walk about 20min from the parking to the shrine), 50min bus ride from JR Yonago Station

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