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Mizuki Shigeru Road


The paradise of Japanese folklore creatures "Yokai"

Mizuki Shigeru Road
Kitaro costumes at Mizuki Shigeru Road
The statue of Kitaro at Mizuki Shigeru Road
Mizuki Shigeru Road
The statue of Akumakun at Mizuki Shigeru Road
Medama no Oyaji at Mizuki Shigeru Road

Shigeru Mizuki is a Japanese manga writer, most known for "Gegege no Kitaro", in which he has depicted the Japanese folklore creatures known as Yokai. Sakaiminato is the home of Shigeru Mizuki. Mizuki Shigeru Road is a street dedicated to all the characters that appear in his manga works. For 800 meters from JR Sakaiminato station to Motomachi arcade, more than one hundred bronze statues of Shigeru Mizuki's characters line both sides of the road. Many restaurants and souvenir shops stand in a row on the street.

In 2010, NHK broadcasted a TV drama Gegege no Nyobo about his married life, based on the autobiography of Shigeru Mizuki's wife. In the same year, he has received the Person of Cultural Merit award.

Four kinds of designed trains operate from Yonago station to Sakaiminato station, with drawing of Yokais. The Kitaro trains are popular among tourists.

Address5, Honmachi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori
StationJR Sakaiminato Station
Access40min train from JR Yonago Station, 30min drive from Yonago city

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