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Daisen Masumizu Kougen


7-min. ride will take you to the hill with a full view of Mt. Daisen area

Daisen Masumizu Kougen
Daisen Masumizu Kougen

Daisen Masumizu Kougen (‘εŽR–‘…‚Œ΄) is in a prime location at the south middle of Mt. Daisen. Not to mention the majestic Mt. Daisen laying right before your eyes, the view of Yonago City, Miho Bay area and the sea of Japan from the plateau is also stunning.

Daisen Masumizu Kougen is known to the locals as a venue for some events representing Mt. Daisen, such as Tottori Burger Festa and ’n(ji)BeerFest Daisen. Tottori Burger Festa offers approximately forty burgers from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. The festival started in 2009, and attracted approximately 20,000 visitors, and 65,000 visitors in 2010. ’n(ji)BeerFest Daisen is a new concept for craft beer festivals starting on September 23rd 2011. The festival offers a wide selection of delicious, traditionally brewed craft beers from all over Japan.

Don't miss taking the gondola lift. 7-minutes ride will take you to the natural observation deck. It is the best location to enjoy the stunning view from the plateau. It costs 500 yen for one way, and 700 yen for a round trip. The observation deck leads to the hiking route to either the beech forest or Daisenji temple.

The view from the observation deck

The hiking route

Address1069|50 Ouchi, Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
Phone0859-52-2772 (Only Japanese speakers are available.)
Lift Ticket500yen for one way; 700yen for a round trip
Parking230 parking lots, free of charge

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